Virtual Reality Online Gambling

Virtual Reality Online Gambling

The first online casinos began in the 90s and featured terrible graphics and very few setting. We now have slots that feature crisp clean graphics, animations, short intro videos and sounds that amplify the gaming experience.

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We also have a live casino that can be accessed online now. You are able to play with a real dealer and chat to other players. So what will the next step be of feeling like you are at a casino without actually having to be there?

The answer is virtual reality and SlotMillions have made this prospect a reality.

How Does it Work?

For a while now Oculus Rift and GameFace have been developing Virtual Reality Casino. This means that you will wear goggles that black out everything, but a screen that you interact with through a game controller and your hands.

The casino layout that can be seen with the glasses is just like a traditional casino with ambient music. You are able to move around the casino by using the game controller and when you sit at a table you are able to see through a webcam, which enables you to use, your own hands just like at a real casino.

Playing online casinos in your home via your smartphone or tablet has never been so popular so it should be a hit with players when they are able to connect the virtual reality casino to a smartphone.

Facebook has bought the Oculus Rift so there is plenty of money being poured into this. Virtual reality could also come into being a lot quicker due to the competition from Samsung, Google and Sony.

This is the next step for online gambling, playing table games, video slots and poker and soon the casino experience will go to the next level and you will be able to interact with other players inside the virtual casino.

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